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Dr. R. E. Freedman
In-Office, Phone and Skype Counseling Sessions
PH: (215) 635-4700 Hrs. 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (EST), Mon-Sun

Goals of In-Office, Phone and Skype Counseling Sessions

-  Accelerated treatment method leading to permanent recovery of Anxiety
-  Understanding through logical explanation for every aspect of the anxiety condition.
-  Specific skills and information leading to interruption of anxiety symptoms.
-  Desensitization of a overreactive mind and body through specific treatment.
-  Taming overreactive thinking, allowing a fatigued mind to refresh.
-  Behavioral modification and nutrition plan creates a far less reactive mind and body.

Telephone and Skype Counseling Sessions with Dr. Freedman:

Dr. R. E. Freedman . Telephone or Skype: Fees: 45 minute phone or Skype session: $145.00 Sliding Scale Available based upon financial need. All Telephone Counseling Sessions are exclusively with Dr. Freedman.

Setting Up a Telephone or Skype Session

Call our office (215-635-4700) or email info@anxietybusters.com to schedule an appointment. Call 215-635-4700 at time of appointment to commence telephone session. Emergency Telephone Counseling Sessions Available. We have extended our hours because Dr. Freedman understands the nature of this condition and wishes to offer as much support as possible.

In-Office Sessions

Dr. R. E. Freedman In-office: 50 minute session: $165.00 For further information, directions and appointments: Office Phone: (215) 635-4700 Hrs.: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (EST), Mon-Sun.

Cancellation Policy:

All appointments, not cancelled within 24 hours in advance of session, will be billed to the client. Missed appointments are considered cancellations without 24 hour notice. One person per telephone session unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. Taping of sessions is prohibited without our consent.