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  • Answer the following questions to determine your level of stress.

    I Do you find yourself feeling jittery, shaky and jumpy when dealing with life’s every day stresses?

    Do you experience feelings of anxiety or panic in crowds, restaurants or malls?

    Do you find yourself more reactive to stimuli, criticism or life's interruptions?

    Do you avoid places or situations that could create feelings of stress or anxiety?

    Do you turn down invitations, meetings or appointments due to your fear of body reactions?

    Do you dread vacations and trips that require travel?

    Do you avoid driving or find it stressful or difficult?

    Do you dread being alone?

    Has your confidence levels dropped and self esteem diminished?

    Do you worry about everything and every day?

    Do you find one worry often replaces another, leaving you little time for happiness?

    Do you worry excessively about your health?

    Do you experience all or any of the following symptoms:

    Depersonalization (Feelings of Unreality)

    Derealization (Surroundings feel Unfamiliar) Palpitations (accelerated heartbeat)

    Nervousness or shakiness

    Blurred vision


    Shaky Legs, Jelly Legs

    Smothering Sensations

    Feelings of Dread

    The Urge to Leave or Feeling Trapped


    IBS, Stomach Upset when Stressed.

    Racing Thoughts


    Loss of Appetite, Weight Loss

    Dry Mouth

    Tightness in Throat or Difficulty Swallowing

    Sharp Pain Near Heart or in Chest

    Tight Band Around Head

    Obsessive-Compulsive Thoughts and Behaviors

    Insomnia, Sleeping Difficulties

    If you experience any or all of the above symptoms or answer YES to 3 or more of the above questions, then you may be suffering from anxiety. Remember, anxiety is not an illness. It is due to prolonged stress and is easily treated through the combination of behavior therapy and diet/nutrition/food therapy. This natural approach ensures a a rapid recovery, allowing you to swiftly eliminate anxiety symptoms and prevent future interruptions.

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